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About Us

Amobilepay(Amobipay) is a computer software, computer communications software company to allow customers to access bank account information and transact bank business, computer software for accessing information directories that may be downloaded from the global computer network, computer software for application and database integration, computer software to automate date warehousing, computer telephone software to enable telephone activities to be performed through a computer. AMOBILEPAY provides Electronic communication services, namely, electronic transmission of data and messages, telephone communication services, radio and television broadcasting services, and providing multiple user access to a global computer information network
AMOBILEPAY mobile payment service for small businesses that makes it easier than ever to accept credit cards and increase customer engagement. Designed for businesses that operate outside of traditional retail stores, Amehot iOS and Android apps allow users to take credit cards without a card reader – by scanning instead of swiping – or via online invoice payments. The all-in-one platform offers digital coupons to facilitate customer loyalty and referrals as well as a merchant portal to track transactions, payments, invoice management and more. AMOBILEPAY is a secure Payment Service Provider which provides instant setup without a merchant account and low transaction fees. Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco City, California, AMOBILEPAY is backed by top-tier Silicon Valley investors and mobile operators.

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