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Getting Started and The Flint Difference

How do I get started with Flint?

Download the Flint app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Accepting Payments

What do I need to do to process a credit card?

Flint’s designed to be easy and secure to process payments while you’re on-the-go.



What does it cost to use Flint?

With Flint there are no upfront costs, contracts, or monthly fees. Flint only charges a one transaction fee per charge.


Money Deposits

How do I get my money?

The funds are transferred into your bank account once you have linked your bank account


Customizing Flint

There are a number of ways to personalize Flint so it works best for you.

After you sign in, click on “Account” to access settings and transaction history.


Multiple Items

I have multiple items or services that I want to sell. How do I set them up using Flint?

Multiple items or services can be easily setup using the Flint App.



Does Flint allow me to send an invoice for customers to pay online?

Yes with Flint you can send invoices to your customers via email from the mobile app as well as the merchant portal.


Sell Online

What can I do with the Sell Online feature?

The Sell Online feature is part of Flint’s new easy to use Web Checkout. Here is how it works:



How do I issue coupons with Flint?

To issue coupons you would need to first create a coupon template using the Mobile App or the merchant portal.



Can I get online reports?

Yes, Flint provides an easy online Account Activity Portal.


Team Accounts

What are team accounts?

Team accounts enable your staff to accept payments on your behalf with their own unique logins and tracking.


Card Scanning Tips

How can I best scan cards?

Here are some tips that may be helpful to you.


Privacy And Security

Is Flint secure?

Flint is designed with safety and security in mind.



What’s supported today?

Flint is currently available in the U.S. for iPhone and Android users.


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